I am Cindy-Ann Jane Boisson and right now I’m somewhere smiling knowing that you are reading this! 


Born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, it was clear from a very early age that I had the gift to make others laugh, whether at or with me remains unclear. 

In 2014, bored out of my wits and coming to grips with ‘empty nest’ syndrome, I decided to attend a stand-up comedy class at the renowned Improv Comedy Club in Fort Lauderdale. The night of graduation I told funny stories; the audience laughed. I didn’t take that for granted! Since then I have performed and hosted at venues throughout Florida, New York City, Toronto, Connecticut, London and Trinidad and Tobago. 

Goals aside, what keeps me going is my love for laughter. I love seeing others laugh and more-so when I’m the contributor. 


Will usually stop what I’m doing to enjoy a good lime and a cold beer. A glass of red wine - a bottle depending on the day - helps to relax me. 


Ok, it’s that kinda day, a bottle of wine is calling my name and I’m about to answer....fuh trut! 




Dec 11
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