I am Cindy-Ann Jane Boisson and right now I’m somewhere smiling knowing that you are reading this! 


Born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, it was clear from a very early age that I had the gift to make others laugh, whether at or with me remains unclear. 

In 2014, bored out of my wits and coming to grips with ‘empty nest’ syndrome, I decided to attend a stand-up comedy class at the renowned Improv Comedy Club in Fort Lauderdale. The night of graduation I told funny stories; the audience laughed. I didn’t take that for granted! Since then I have performed and hosted at venues throughout Florida, New York City, Toronto, Connecticut, London and Trinidad and Tobago. 

Goals aside, what keeps me going is my love for laughter. I love seeing others laugh and more-so when I’m the contributor. 


Will usually stop what I’m doing to enjoy a good lime and a cold beer. A glass of red wine - a bottle depending on the day - helps to relax me. 


Ok, it’s that kinda day, a bottle of wine is calling my name and I’m about to answer....fuh trut! 

She’s a Trini at heart, and knows when to belt out those Trini jokes, slangs, and old talk; and, in front of a mixed, cultural audience, CinCin knows to switch it around a bit, always leaving both sets of audiences howling with laughter.  That is talent at its best.  


-Karen Dolsingh (Manager plenipotentiary)  



- Ico

Cindy-Ann "CinCin" or my ‘Baby Sis’ her wings have been opened, now she can spread them and fly to new heights


- Sheldon 

CinCin talks level sh**.... The best I've heard in all my life. Real life in the form of comedy.


- Sha 

40+ years of friendship with double the laughter! I think she was born to do this....


- Vanessa

" CinCin is FUNNY, all the time, on or off the stage.  If you're planning a ‘Dinner for Five’, you definitely want her there cracking everyone up." 

- Collin Mc

CinCin, as she did last year, had patrons in stitches as she regaled them on daily social issues like marriage, including a bit on her 18 year marriage.


As the saying goes ‘all good things must come to an end’ and so did Mauvais Langue, 90 mins after its start. With no intermission and seamless in its entirety, this was a perfectly structured production and all credit must go to CinCin for doing it her way.


- Peter Ray Blood, Trinidad Guardian Newspapers  March 2018

 " After meeting her the first words that come to mind are- Dynamic, direct, no nonsense bubbly, natural, funny and most of all genuine. She has a serious almost bland expression at times when building you up for a punchline. Really works for her. She knows what she wants to accomplish and once she puts her mind to it, the wheels are put in motion and the “getting gets done”. On stage she builds the audience up to a point where she has their attention anticipating a good punch line- and does just that- every time. 

You can’t meet her and not like her- unless you start off on the wrong foot. "

-Wayne “Doppy” Dopson

Its quite obvious to me that "CinCin" has   quite a penchant for what we 'Trinis' call, ‘Shit Talk’ or ‘Ole Talk’ by the crafty pieces she produces that seems to cause the unsuspecting audiences to collectively take a much lighter view on their troubled lives and whether they "buss out laughing" in the midst or choose to wear a persistent grin on their way out, I must admit, this Caribbean chick is Differently Special; Organically Funny; Cross-culturally Comical.


- Adrian ‘Panic’ Stephens

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